5 Tips to Help You Ace the HESI A2 Nursing School Admissions Exam

Nationwide, many Nursing Programs use the HESI exam to screen applicants for entrance. The test is not solely academic as it also consists of a personality portion. The academic portion consists of reading, math, grammar, vocabulary, biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology and possibly physics. There are two sections to the personality portion:  Learning Style Assessment and a Personality Profile.

When you are determined to become a nurse, yet fear the possibility that your application won’t be accepted, this causes a lot of stress and tension. You may not believe it now, but all of the worries are unnecessary. The best thing you can do to move through the process smoothly and shine on your test is to take a breath, relax, and consider the following tips:

Get Plenty of Rest: As much as you might want to, avoid staying up all night cramming before you take the test the next morning. Research has proven that there is a direct link between lack of sleep and cognition, and you definitely can’t afford to make mistakes due to fatigue. Instead, arrive at your test location early to have a 30 to 60 minute power study. Also, be sure to eat a healthy breakfast.

Learn Techniques to Reduce Anxiety: It is easier said than done when you are told not to stress out over a test, especially the HESI A2. It is normal to have a touch of anxiety before taking the test. So, what you need to know – and what can help you perform your best – is how to use relaxation techniques. Not only do they relax your body but these techniques calm your mind as well, allowing you to fully focus and improve recall. Some examples you may consider include:

  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Visualization
  • Progressive muscle relaxation

Be Well-Prepared: To best prepare, start studying for your exam at least two months before you are scheduled to take it. It is advisable to purchase a HESI study guide, practice exams or video review course, the most popular guide being the official Elsevier HESI Admission Assessment Exam Review. You will find tips for studying and detailed answers to hundreds of practice tests.
One of the best ways you can prepare is to get familiar with the type of content that will be on the test. Taking practice tests out of your study guides, online practice tests, such as those offered by www.NurseAcademy.com, learning how others studied by searching YouTube videos or reading blogs are some of the the best ways to do this.

Change Your Attitude: Not that your attitude is bad, you just need to make sure you are in the right mindset before taking the HESI A2. It can be beneficial and less stressful when you change the way you look at test taking. Although this is an important test, it cannot predict your self-worth.  It’s also important to remember that you can always retake the exam for a better score. Changing your viewpoint can actually ease your mind so learning and studying are more enjoyable.

Brain Dump: Remember, you have several hours to complete the HESI A2. When you first sit down to take the test do a “brain dump.” You should write down the most important information that you remember from your power study or other information you want to be sure not to forget later on in the test.

If your school allows, focus on taking your hardest subject first, followed by a short break to prevent mental fatigue. Utilize your time wisely by reviewing all of your questions and answers thoroughly as you cannot go back to re-take a subject. Also, by the time you are ready for your last subject, you will likely feel drained so you will want to save your best subject for last.

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