TEAS 6 / ATI TEAS Overview


The TEAS exam is given by nursing and allied health schools as a means to assess whether an applicant has the basic knowledge they need to succeed in nursing school. This test is also called the Test of Essential Academic Skills the test is written by ATI. The new version will be called ATI TEAS



On August 31st 2016 ATI will be releasing a new version of the TEAS, celled TEAS 6 or ATI TEAS. All our content was created for the new TEAS 6 / ATI TEAS.


TEAS 6 is one of many tests used to grant admission to nursing and allied health schools. Make sure to call your chosen nursing school to be sure you are studying for the test it requires.


According to the ATI website scores will take upto 72 hours to populated to your ATI student account. Depending on your nursing school, you may be able to retake the test after a waiting period. Check with your school for their requirements.


The cost for taking the ATI TEAS exam is $115. Only one transcript of your score is included in this fee. If you are applying to multiple schools ATI will charge $27 for each additional transcript copy.


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